expanded withholding tax

Withholding Taxes of Top 20,000 Corporations in Philippines

By: Tax and Accounting Center Philippines Withholding tax of top 20,000 corporations in the Philippines notified by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR or Tax Authorities) is the most misunderstood tax rule in the Philippines. As such, let us drop some lines and share our understanding of the withholding tax rules in the Philippines for

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7 Features of Withholding Tax System in the Philippines

Withholding tax is the most basic tax type that each and every taxpayer engaged in trade or business or in the practice of profession must learn. Upon registration of their respective business entities, withholding tax type is a must and it may come in three (3) tax types as sub classifications as follows: Expanded withholding

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Taxation of Director’s Fees in the Philippines

Under Section 23 of the Corporation Code of the Philippines, and hereunder we quote: Section 23. The Board of Directors or Trustees. – Unless otherwise provided in this Code, the corporate powers of all corporations formed under this Code shall be exercised, all business conducted and all property of such corporations controlled and held by

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