BIR Form No. 1601C

Electronic Alphalist of Employees and Payees in Philippines

By: Garry S. Pagaspas In another effort to enhance tax compliance in the Philippines, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) issued Revenue Regulations No. 1-2014 dated December 17, 2013 on submission of alphabetical list or alphalist of employees and list of payees on income payments subject to withholding taxes in the Philippines. Amendment to Revenue

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8 Features of Withholding Tax on Compensation in the Philippines

Withholding tax on compensation is an approximate of income tax liability on compensation required to be withheld by the employer upon every payment or accrual or recording of salaries and wages in its books of accounts. It has been said that withholding tax has been a good contributor of internal revenue in the level of

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7 Features of Withholding Tax System in the Philippines

Withholding tax is the most basic tax type that each and every taxpayer engaged in trade or business or in the practice of profession must learn. Upon registration of their respective business entities, withholding tax type is a must and it may come in three (3) tax types as sub classifications as follows: Expanded withholding

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