Year-end Tax Essentials Seminar for Philippine Taxpayers 2016

Because everyone wanted to end the year happily, we have to be reminded of the year-end adjustments, BIR compliance and updates before the year closes.

It is important to know the tax updates implemented during the year that could have impact in our financial statements, the additional reportorial requirements to be submitted with the BIR as well as the deadline of submission. Also, year-end is the time when we ensure that our tax computations are accurate and will not trigger any assessment in the future. We also need to learn how to manage tax assets to make sure that we maximized the use of it.

Learn how to save taxes by faithful compliance and don’t waste your hard earned income on paying penalties, when you have a lot of opportunities to educate.

Learning points:
  • Tax Updates: Learn the BIR issuances and other tax updates
  1. Revenue Regulation
  2. Revenue Memorandum Orders
  3. Revenue Memorandum Circulars
  4. Court Decisions (CTA/SC)
  • Accounting Standards Updates: Learn the 2016 Updates
  1. Philippine Financial Reporting Standards
  2. Philippine Accounting Standards
  • SEC Updates: Learn the 2016 SEC Updates
  • Tax Compliance: Learn the Year-End Reportorial Requirements and Deadlines for BIR Submission
  1. Mandatory Year End Reports and Filing Dates
  2. Penalties for Non Compliance
  3. Year End Compliance, Tips and Strategies
  • Preparing the Year End Audit: Walkthrough on the Important Areas during Year End Audit
  1. Generated Audit Process
  2. Generated Audit Requirements
  3. The New Audit Report
  • Tax Assets: Learn how to Maximize Tax Assets
  1. MCIT
  2. NOLCO
  3. Creditable Withholding Tax
  4. Deferred Tax Assets
  5. Optional and Standards Deducttions
  6. Tax Refund

Schedule: Seminar will be conducted on December 16, 2016 from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m at Room 256-527 Yuchengco Tower, RCBC Plaza, Makati City.

Package: P3,500 plus VAT per participant – Handouts/Notes and pencils/Illustrations/Seminar Certificate/ Lunch and snacks – a.m./p.m. Group Rate: P3,000. plus VAT (per head minimum of 3 pax)
Advocate Tutor: Resource Speakers are seasoned practitioners and notable personalities in the field of tax seminars and trainings in Metro Manila and nearby provinces being a frequent speakers in tax summits, forums, and training.
Reservation: At least P1,000 reservation fee to be deposited to BDO Current Account (Please contact us for account details) & balance on seminar day.

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Who should attend?
Highly recommended for Small & medium business owners, new entrepreneurs, accounting graduates, & interested others.

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