In-house Seminar at Koyo Manufacturing Philippines

Tax and Accounting Center, Inc. (TACI) continues its advocacy to educate taxpayers on tax compliance and tax management to ensure compliance, avoid unnecessary penalties, and accordingly, bring about tax savings. On July 21, 2012 TACI was requested by Koyo Manufacturing (Phils.) Corporation (KMPC), in Lima Technology Center, Malvar, Batangas to deliver a one-day in-house Comprehensive Tax Seminar at Koyo’s conference room.  Seminar had been facilitated by our Resource Speaker, Mr. Garry S. Pagaspas, CPA, who shared his wisdom and expertise on the following topics developed from being a member of the academe and as active tax practitioner, to wit:

  • Income taxation as a PEZA-registered manufacturing entity
  • Withholding tax compliance – expanded and final
  • Withholding tax on compensation and fringe benefit taxation
  • Value-added tax  compliance as PEZA registered
  • Overview BIR tax examination process

The seminar was participated by nineteen (19) company representatives, more or less, from accounting,  human resource, and other departments. Participants listen attentively as Garry rolls the presentation and lively discussed the topics, to include some jokes and funny lines to develop a more lively discussions. To further emphasize and simplify the rules, it cited samples and illustrations of actual events encountered during his active tax practice. During the discussions, questions and concerns were raised and which was happily answered by Garry. Another set of questioning was made on the last portion, the question and answer portion.

As a matter of strategy, the seminar was delivered in a conceptual so KMPC participants would develop a holistic appreciation of its daily tasks.  Such concepts was coupled and inter-related with actual applications to further develop participants knowledge in proper and appropriate tax compliance. Overall, the in-house comprehensive tax seminar was fun and the participants enjoyed learning new concepts, applications, and tax updates. We believe that the one-day conceptual approach was a success for both KMPC and TACI.

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