About us

The Company

Tax and Accounting Center Inc. (TaxAcctgCenter) is a corporation duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), and other government agencies to, advocate on educating small & medium entrepreneurs (SMEs), corporate clients in the Philippines, and others interested by providing them quality taxation, accounting, and other seminars, trainings, workshops and tutorials to equip them with, such knowledge indispensable for their business advantage.

Our Advocacy

Entrepreneurship has long been eyed as the floodgates for the uplift of the living standards and we believe that we could lend a hand. Being educators by heart, we organized this step towards helping out this entrepreneurs in upgrading themselves with the tax and accounting knowledge for their business advantage, either, for better business perspective, or for savings brought about by their new business approaches developed from the technical knowledge. We understand the cost consciousness of these entrepreneurs so much so that we made the most reasonable cost for quality business tutorials.

To ensure learning and proper application, we go beyond just giving them education by giving them our professional assistance in maintaining their tax and accounting compliance, business process outsourcing, various business processes, and professional consultancy for their upright and strategic guidance in effective conduct of their businesses.

Educate SMEs, students, and others on the real world business implications for them to anticipate more business advantages because they could be the next business icons of the country.

Professional Services

On top of the above advocacy, we envisioned TaxAcctgCenter Philippines as a professional service provider to foreign investors, SMEs, and other companies. We offer a range of professional services and we commit to deliver them under a certain degree of quality.

The Team

TaxAcctgCenter’s client service team are composed of energetic young professionals who had been in practice of profession for a number of years catering the various technical needs of clientele. Most of them are likewise members of the academe serving as professors in the field of taxation, accounting, and other areas.They keep themselves abreast of the current developments affecting the practice for the best interests of the clients

Garry Pagaspas, CPA

Atty. Pearl Fatima L. Evardone
Legal Consultant

Felipe Faderogao, CPA